Pony Trekking
Available Daily  
Suitable for novices, children, families and experienced riders.

What is Trekking?Trekking
Pony trekking is
accompanied hill rides at walk and trot for the complete beginner, family groups and those of you who haven't ridden for a long time and  want a nice steady ride with wonderful views.

All the rides are led by experienced, friendly guides who will assist you and point out interesting features along the way.

Half day Trekking
Half day treks last about 2 hours and are available morning and afternoon. On a circular route, you ride along quiet lanes before reaching the open mountain side for a ride amongst the bracken, heather and sheep with stunning views over Llangorse Lake.

viewFull day Trekking
If you are feeling you would like a longer day, you might like to try the full day trek. A slow ride at walk and trot gives you the opportunity to ride through and admire the pleasant mountain scenery and allows you to develop a bond with your sure-footed horse. We stop for a lunch break in a village pub* before returning sedately to the stables.

* Please bring a picnic with you as an alternative.

Pony Ride in Field
For young children under the age of 8, we recommend a pony ride in the field on a lead rein unless thay are keen or have previous riding experience.  Supported by a guide, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved with your child's pony experience. Pony rides in the field are usually offered at 12:30pm each day.

The Horses

The horses and ponies used for trekking are kind and well-schooled and experienced mounts.

Weight Limit
Please note that our weight limit for Pony Trekking is 14.5 stone (203lbs / 92kg).

Prices per rider 2023

Half day Trekking Hill Rides 8 years + ** (see note below)
Morning (ride depart 10.30am) or Afternoon (ride depart 1.30pm and 4.00pm***) - £45.00

Full day Trekking Hill Rides
10.30am - 3:30pm approx. Stopping for lunch break at a  pub (not included in ride price) - £80.00

One hour rides (when available at 4:00pm) 7 years + - £30.00

Child's pony ride in field on leading rein (age 4 years +) - £20.00 per child

PLEASE NOTE: To enable us to maintain social distancing, we ask that you please arrive for your ride about 45 minutes before the ride is due to depart (9.45am for morning and day rides, 12:45pm / 3:30pm for afternoon rides).

Riding hats are available free to use.

** We usually recommend children under the age of 8 have a 1 hour ride or a pony ride in the field unless they are keen or have previous riding experience.

*** Please note: the 4:00pm ride is not available every day.

Last updated 1 July 2023
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